Daniel McConnell The Hero of The People

IT’S been a wild ride for Queensland’s enthusiast who says he is taking the”good with the bad” at the time following his”Aussiest bloke ever” interview went viral.

Local hero Daniel McConnell, 31, found fame at a November day when he chased down a man who had crashed into a mate’s store.

Following his first interview went viral, a local dentist offered to fix his teeth at no cost.

But Mr McConnell has not taken up the offer yet.

“I do not want my teeth done yet. Why should I need to change my appearance to what everyone else wants? I’m contented with the way I am,” he said.

Mr McConnell said he’s working on several jobs to be able to help support young people who are’at risk.’

“I had a rough upbringing, I was living in hostels and welfare when I was just 13 and if you do not look after the younger generation, the world is simply going to become not a good location,” he said.

He hosted an Australia Day Eve trivia night at New Farm cinemas where he rubbed shoulders with some serious Queensland royalty.

“I completely spun out as Lincoln Lewis, Wally Lewis’ boy, he stopped me in the New Farm cinemas to take a selfie and I thought’mate you are famous, your old man is a legend, and I’m not,”’ he said.

Mr McConnell was encouraged to Bundaberg where he had been given a tour of the rum distillery.

“The Bundy tour was just gold. The best thing ever occurred since they gave me this bottle with a label that said’Crafted for local legend Daniel McConnell,’ and it’s a beauty,” he said.

Together with the positives, Mr McConnell said he’d also had some disappointments.

He said one media firm had promised him money to retell his story but he not yet received it while another offered cash if he mentioned them.

“It was all so mad at the moment, nothing was ever signed or formally agreed to but I did the looks on good faith and it is not about the money but it’s sad that it has ended up this way,” he said.

Daniel McConnell jumped from bed following the smash in Brisbane, Queensland, in the early hours of that memorable moment.

He said he followed the driver, who fled the scene, before giving police instructions to apprehend him.

“I was just chasing him in me jocks,” Mr McConnell said in a TV interview seen countless times online.

He said his wife first heard the crash at the neighbouring fish and chips shop, which is run by his friend’s mother.