Every person Needs To See This Controversial Viral Meme About Children And Consent

informing your child to hug or kiss a household friend or relative might seem like an innocent thing to do, but because questionable meme points out, it may in fact be offering the kids a dangerous message concerning the principles of permission.

“i will be 5,” reads the meme’s message. “My human anatomy is my human body. Don’t force us to kiss or hug.” It absolutely was posted on a Might Girl’s Facebook web page alongside excerpts from articles titled “We don’t acquire my child’s body,” written by CNN author and producer Katia Hetter. On it she contends that motivating young ones to publish to unwelcome love is actually training them that their health cannot belong to them, and therefore pushing all of them to the touch men and women they don’t like to could actually keep them susceptible to sexual abusers. The post has since been liked above 88k times and provided by over 162k people. it is also began a dialogue on which moms and dads should and really shouldn’t be training kids. What do you consider? Tell us when you look at the opinions below.

This questionable meme has gone viral for its important message about kids and consent

The post was inspired Katia Hetter’s post on CNN titled “we don’t get my child’s human body”

with it she argues that pushing children to exhibit undesired love is teaching all of them that their bodies don’t fit in with them, which may leave all of them susceptible to abuse

The meme has started a dialogue about children and consent

A amount of people conformed because of the post and shared their own opinions and stories

Other folks had different viewpoints nonetheless

And some shared their particular belief in “hug, handshake or large five” option. What do you believe?